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What applies in the stadiums on match day 13?

As of now, stadium-goers are required to have only 2G, in Fürth, Munich and Stuttgart with the addition “plus” – i.e. in addition to vaccinated or recovered, also currently tested. Otherwise, there are major differences.

Stuttgart – Mainz

Spectators admitted: 25,000 (41 per cent of capacity)

Regulation: 2Gplus

Special: Mandatory masks in stadium

Wolfsburg – Dortmund

Spectators admitted: 15,000 (50 per cent seated only)

Regulation: 2G

Special: Masks compulsory away from seats; all tickets cancelled in advance  will be cancelled, re-seating in   chequerboard pattern

Hertha BSC – Augsburg

Spectators admitted: The final understanding between hosts Hertha and the Berlin Senate will not be reached until this Thursday.



Cologne – Gladbach

Permitted spectators: 50,000 (100 percent)

It has not yet been finally clarified whether FC will actually be allowed to allocate all of the designated 8736 standing places in the already sold-out stadium.
already sold out. According to the NRW infection control measures ordinance, a reduction of 1868 seats in the home and guest areas could result in the short term.
home and guest areas could be the consequence

Regulation: 2G

Special: Mandatory masks off the courts

Bochum – Freiburg

Spectators admitted: 20,000 (72 per cent)

Rules: 2G

Special: Mask compulsory away from the seats

Fürth – Hoffenheim

Accredited spectators: 4625 (25 per cent)

Regulation: 2Gplus

Special:Masks compulsory in entire stadium area

Munich – Bielefeld

Permitted spectators: 18,745 (25 percent)

Regulation: 2Gplus

Special: Mandatory masks in the entire stadium area

Frankfurt – Union

Spectators admitted: 40,000 (78 percent)

Rule: 2G for 36,000 spectators

Special: additional 4000 spectators with negative test, 18+ PCR; no mask requirement

Leipzig – Leverkusen

Allowed spectators: 0

Rule: Ghost match




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