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Salary caps: Real have room for Mbappé, Barcelona cut costs

La Liga has published the salary caps after the winter transfer window. While Real have plenty of capacity, things are getting tight for FC Barcelona

The path to Real is clear for Kylian Mbappé – at least if you look at the Spanish salary cap. The royals are allowed to spend up to €727 million, according to the latest figures published by La Liga. Real has thus increased its salary cap by 44 million. The increase is due in part to the departures of Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard, who were among the big earners.

“I don’t know the price of Mbappé, but Madrid’s financial situation is exceptional,” explained league president Javier Tebas in a recent interview with transfer expert Fabrizio Romano. “It’s a very healthy team that has come through the COVID crisis very well, it has a lot of reserves. They could sign Mbappé and another player. “

Barcelona must save almost 200 million euros

The situation at FC Barcelona is completely different. The Catalans only have 204 million euros at their disposal, which is likely to result in a rigid cost-cutting course. As Tebas recently revealed in an interview, Barcelona’s wage costs currently stand at just over 400 million euros. A year ago, things looked very different, when the club still had €648 million at its disposal thanks to various financial injections from the sale of TV rights and assets, followed by a downgrade to €270 million in the summer after the sale of the silverware. Now it is clear: Barcelona will have to bake even smaller rolls.

According to Marca, it would come as no surprise if the 50 percent rule were to apply to Barcelona in the summer, meaning that they would only be allowed to spend one euro for every two euros saved, like all other clubs who have exceeded this rule. This could only be prevented with a major transfer, in which case the 1:1 rule could continue to apply.

There is still no place for Vitor Roque

The problem: Not all measures have even been taken for the re-signing of winter transfer Vitor Roque. The Catalans were only able to sign the Brazilian due to the long-term absence of Gavi (cruciate ligament rupture). As a result, a special rule came into effect that allows clubs in Spain to make improvements in the event of absences of more than four months. However, Gavi will return in the summer, which means that a new place in the salary structure will have to be found.

The situation at Atletico Madrid looks a little rosier. The Colchoneros’ salary cap has risen from 296 million to 303 million euros in the last six months. Real, Atletico and Barcelona are followed by Sevilla FC (from 168 to 152 million) and Real Sociedad (from 124 to 144 million). Surprise team Girona has maintained its level at 52 million euros. Twelfth-placed Deportivo Alaves is in last place with 31 million euros.

The salary cap reflects the maximum expenditure that a club can make during a season, including winter transfers. The salary cap plays a decisive role in shaping personnel plans for the upcoming transfer window.



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