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Nike Created One of the Best Sports Ads You’ll Ever See – Featuring a 9 Year Old Serena Williams

Sports advertisements have come a long way in the last few years, with all kinds of technology and special effects that can be used to create stunning content. However, Nike’s latest advert includes something that no amount of modern day technology can provide – historical coverage of a young Serena Williams from 1991.

Historical training footage used in the Nike ad


The ad features a nine-year-old Serena being coached by her father Richard, in what must have been just one standard session in her tennis training schedule at the time. The most poignant part of the clip is when Richard tells her to play ‘like you’re at the US Open’. The clips are then intertwined with footage from her competing and winning at the US Open over the years.

Play ‘like you’re at the US Open’

The ad has been released to coincide with Serena’s participation in this year’s US Open and the creators have certainly pulled a masterstroke with the unveiling of the historical video footage. Williams has won 23 Grand Slams and is due to play her sister Venus today.

The ad is inspirational for young athletes

The ad is full of inspiration for up and coming stars, with the closing words ‘It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it.’ For those dreaming of becoming the next Serena Williams, the ad shows that anyone can be that nine-year-old, training and just dreaming about the future. Dreams can come true, just like they did for that young girl in the video.

US Open 2018 odds

The ad is also very moving, showing the bond between Serena and her father as she looks to him in the crowd to celebrate her success with the man who coached her to tennis stardom. She has now won the US Open six times and if she can add to that total this year then the Nike advert will have even more significance.




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