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Klopp on Luis Diaz after Luton draw: “The most important thing is his father”

Liverpool FC narrowly escaped embarrassment at Luton Town. LFC coach Jürgen Klopp nevertheless focused largely on the emotional return of Luis Diaz

Up until the fifth minute of stoppage time, promoted Luton Town came close to a sensation against Liverpool FC. But then late substitute Luis Diaz decisively headed home in the penalty area to make it 1-1. Instead of a dream result for the underdogs, the Colombian attacker’s strong return was celebrated.

There were also plenty of emotions after the final whistle. On Sky Sports, Jürgen Klopp was of course aware of the “super important goal” for his Reds, but it was also the goal for Luis Diaz, whose parents were kidnapped last week, himself – “and emotional.”

Klopp didn’t say much else about the game, telling BBC Sport that he took it “almost personally” for the way his team played in the first half: “No counter-pressing. I don’t remember that we won the ball back very often, that’s not good. “

Alisson emphasizes “a lot of character and inner strength “

In contrast, the sporting story surrounding Luis Diaz was all the better. The joker became a hero for LFC. The 26-year-old’s willingness to play was almost heroic in the first place. Goalkeeper Alisson saw “a lot of character and inner strength” in his team-mate, given his current emotional state. “I can’t imagine what he’s going through right now. “

One thing is certain at Liverpool, however. Despite the “completely different level” for Luis Diaz, the Colombian is “supported by Alisson & Co. and we feel his pain”. While the Brazilian keeper explained: “Football brings Luis joy at this moment”, Klopp clearly emphasized on “Sky Sports”: “The most important thing is that his father is released. “

The goal was wonderful, of course for LFC, who, according to their coach, deserved nothing more than a draw – but “that was it”, said Klopp. The great moment “doesn’t change the situation. He scored the goal, but we need to see progress in Colombia. “



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