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Klopp on Ballon d’Or: “Don’t ask me, it’s your fault”

Jürgen Klopp would also have voted differently in the Ballon d’Or vote and sees the journalists to blame.

Julian Nagelsmann must be eager to see how many questions he will be allowed to answer about the Ballon d’Or vote at his pre-match press conference against Dortmund yesterday (Monday). Jürgen Klopp was already on Tuesday lunchtime because his Liverpool FC play Everton in the derby on Wednesday night .

“Yes, I was surprised “, Klopp said, but not when asked about the winner, instead addressing Mohamed Salah’s seventh-place finish. “I saw the votes somewhere. Mo should have done better.”

Then Klopp hesitated briefly and frowned: “It’s a journalist’s choice, isn’t it? “When Liverpool’s press officer answered the question in the affirmative, Klopp added: “Don’t ask me then, it’s your fault. If you think it should be higher, you have to convince your colleagues.”

Unprompted, however, Klopp also commented on the first and second places: “You can always give the award to Lionel Messi. For the career he has; for the footballer he is. But if you don’t give it to Robert Lewandowski this time, it will be difficult for him to get it at all. “



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