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Guardiola: “I’m closer to leaving than staying”

Pep Guardiola has achieved something with Manchester City that no team in the Premier League has ever managed before. After winning his fourth league title in a row, the Catalan also thought aloud about his departure next summer

After the final whistle, Pep Guardiola was on cloud nine. The Catalan was beaming, gesticulating wildly with his arms and taking a deep swig from a bottle of beer on the pitch. It was obvious how much had fallen from his shoulders after the fourth championship title in a row – a historic triumph.

For Guardiola, it even meant a sixth Premier League title in seven years. This streak was only interrupted in 2020 by long-term rival Jürgen Klopp, whose highly emotional farewell took place on Sunday. “I will miss him very much,” Guardiola admitted openly: “Jürgen played a very important role in my life.”

The respect for each other was “enormous”. Guardiola called Klopp one of the “great opponents in my life” after the title-winning 3:1 against West Ham. But like countless opponents in his life, Guardiola had also beaten Stuttgart once again in the 2023/24 season

In the hour of triumph, Guardiola even thought aloud about his departure after his contract ends in the summer of 2025. “The reality is that after eight years, I’m closer to leaving than staying,” explained the Citizens’ team manager. The 53-year-old has “spoken to the club. My feeling now is that I want to stay. I will stay next season and we will talk during the season.”

Guardiola had already crowned his time in Manchester with the treble in the previous season. What is still to come? The ambitious, successful coach will also be asking himself this question. “When I came here, if someone had told me that I would win six championships in seven seasons, I would have said: you’re crazy – there’s no such thing.” But there is. Under Guardiola,

Guardiola: “It used to be Liverpool, now it’s Arsenal “

The former FC Bayern coach reflected on his friend Mikel Arteta after the next big win against the once again disappointed runners-up Arsenal. “It used to be Liverpool who pushed us to our limits, and now it’s Arsenal,” said Guardiola: “They push us to give our best.”

However, the 17th title will not be Guardiola’s last this season. In the FA Cup final on Saturday against city rivals Manchester United, number 18 is on the cards. Chelsea FC and Newcastle United will then also be wearing the Man City scarf around their necks



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