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Klopp’s emotional farewell words: “I’m one of you now”

Jürgen Klopp bid farewell to Liverpool FC with a 2:0 home win. Afterwards, the coach addressed emotional words to the Reds’ supporters

He left as he always was: humorous, modest and with a smile on his face. In his farewell speech after his 491st and final appearance as Liverpool FC manager, Jürgen Klopp addressed the completely sold-out Anfield Stadium after the never really threatened 2-0 home win against Wolverhampton Wanderers and once again remained true to himself.

After he had been honored by the supporters before and during the game with countless banners, banners and a large choreography, the applause once again erupted during his final run onto the pitch. Klopp then grabbed the microphone himself and immediately caused the first laugh: “Surprised” that he had not yet been overcome by tears, the coach announced at the beginning of his speech, but then quickly made it clear why. “I’m so happy about the atmosphere, about the game and about being part of this family,” said Klopp.

Klopp’s request: “Welcome the new coach like you welcomed me “

The end of his tenure after nine years does not feel like an end to him – more like a new beginning. “I saw a team today that is bursting with talent, youth, creativity and desire,” said Klopp, praising his squad. In his opinion, the club is also “in the best condition for years”. He then added another big compliment to the fans. “We have a great stadium, a wonderful training center and you – the superpower of world soccer. “

The coach also wanted to allay the supporters’ fears about the upcoming change of coach to Arne Slot, who announced his move to Liverpool on Friday. After all, change is “good”, said Klopp. “We decide whether we are worried or excited. We decide whether we believe in it or not. We decide whether we have confidence or not. And since today I am one of you and I still believe in all of you,” Klopp explained his emotional state.

In typical Klopp style, he also had the fans chant the name of his successor – just as they had done with the German’s name just minutes before. He also made a clear request to the Anfield Stadium. “When the next season starts, don’t wait. Welcome the new coach like you welcomed me back then,” Klopp urged. “Continue to believe in the team and support the team, even if it gets difficult. I am one of you now and I will hold you to that,” said Klopp.



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