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WWE apparently facing hot transfer coup

Wrestling market leader WWE is apparently snapping up an up-and-coming star from rival AEW: Jade Cargill is on the verge of a move, according to concurring media reports.

WWE competitor AEW is apparently losing an up-and-coming star to the market leader.According to coinciding media reports, there is a feeling within the league that Jade Cargill will move to WWE.

The 31-year-old Cargill competed in what could be her last match for AEW on Thursday night, losing a title match to TBS champion Kris Statlander on the taping for the TV show Rampage.

The two rivals expressed their respect for each other afterwards, according to fan reports Cargill performed farewell gestures – which were apparently no coincidence: Both industry-leading media Fightful and Wrestling Observer are now reporting that all signs point to an exit.

Jade Cargill apparently facing move from AEW to WWE

The former college basketball player was introduced in a big way at AEW in 2020 in a big-marketed match with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal against Cody Rhodes, who has since moved to WWE himself, and his wife Brandi. Between January 2022 and May 2023, she held the newly-introduced TBS title and was undefeated until the unheralded Statlander returned from an injury hiatus to defeat her.

Cargill took a break for months after that, even as rumours surfaced that she might leave AEW. Only recently, however, did she appear to deny this, praising AEW boss Tony Khan in a podcast interview and casually stating that she “doesn’t want to be anywhere else”. Now, however, indications are that her comeback was just an interlude and served to cement successor Statlander as champion.

The athletic and charismatic Cargill – wife of former MLB player Brandon Philips, with whom she has a daughter – says she is inspired by comic book character Storm (X-Men) and WWE legend Chyna, who died early. Now she seems to want to follow in her idol’s footsteps at her former employer.



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