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World Cup participant ‘Kkoray’ completes squad at FOKUS

Koray ‘Kkoray’ Kücükgünar joins the FOKUS Clan from VfL Bochum. This concludes the organisation’s squad planning for the upcoming FIFA 23 season.

With DFBe Cup winner Mustafa ‘xMusti19’ Cankal and German champion Dylan ‘DullenMike’ Neuhausen, FOKUS has already announced two FIFAe Finals participants as new arrivals this summer. “Germany’s most followed eSports and Gaming Team” completes the notable FIFA squad for the upcoming season with Kücükgünar.

‘Kkoray’ was eliminated from the FIFAe World Cup after the group stage. He played for a long time in the hammer Group C to advance, but failed in the end on goal difference. After his contract with VfL Bochum was not extended by “mutual agreement”, he now joins the FOKUS clan.

‘Kkoray’ meets world champions and scene greats

In the run-up, the organisation around Elias Nerlich was already able to extend the contract of the 2019 world champion duo of Mohammed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous and coach Matthias ‘STYLO’ Hietsch. The latter had once again fought his way into the Grand Final of the Virtual Bundesliga as a player in June, but did not make it past the group stage there.

Fabienne ‘FabienneXIII’ Morlok, one of the best players on the FIFA scene, has also been retained for the coming season. She became the first woman to win a match at one of the major FIFA Global Series Qualifiers.



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