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The perfect job interview

Because Gianluigi Donnarumma (24) is not world class everywhere, Paris St. Germain is said to have a goalkeeping problem from time to time. Arnau Tenas (22) may have turned it into a goalkeeping dilemma

The starting position was modest. In any case, the away game at surprisingly strong newly promoted AC Le Havre is not one of the most pleasant tasks in Ligue 1 at the moment, and then the home side got off to a fabulous start. Champions PSG were played in at the back under pressure, Carlos Soler had to make an early save on the line for the beaten Gianluigi Donnarumma – and after ten minutes, the Italian goalkeeper’s working day was already over.

The impetuous clearing of opposing striker Josué Casimir earned Donnarumma the inevitable red card as the last man, as well as the ongoing criticism that the 24-year-old European champion is only a world-class player on the line. And becomes weaker and weaker the further he moves away from his goal. Or the longer he has the ball at his feet.

With Donnarumma’s experienced replacement Keylor Navas currently suffering from an injury, coach Luis Enrique had to throw his number three into the deep end in the early stages of a tricky game: 22-year-old new signing Arnau Tenas, who unexpectedly made his debut in a PSG shirt on Sunday afternoon. Or had to. A debut like an invitation to a job interview, which is happening right now

The Catalan from the youth ranks of FC Barcelona, however, felt it was more of a must than a must. His parents and friends were more nervous than he was, Tenas claimed afterwards. He had also radiated that on the pitch, especially with the ball at his feet. In these scenes, he looked far more confident and capable than Donnarumma, who gets to play every week. The Barça school.

But even on the line, where the twelve centimeter taller Italian has his strengths – Tenas is “only” 1.85 meters tall – the debutant excelled in the second half with five brilliant saves. The number three kept his vest white in the 2:0 win in a losing cause and secured the victory – and has since been hailed as a potential number one in the French media, which is hardly surprising given his almost perfect debut

Paris’ goalkeeper for the next game is virtually fixed

Tenas is merely the substitute’s substitute in Paris, but he has the advantage of having been his coach’s preferred player. “I know him well,” said Luis Enrique, who also worked at Barcelona for years and really likes Tenas’ work ethic: “He trains like it’s the last day of his life every time.”

And that’s how he played in Le Havre, because you never know whether such an opportunity will arise again. Or because that’s exactly what you know, as Donnarumma is suspended for the upcoming league game against Nantes and Navas will still be absent with an injury. The next big chance for Tenas. The candidate has made it to the second round



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