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“Strategic realignment”: GamerLegion withdraws from the Prime League

After five years in the Prime League, GamerLegion is calling it a day. The eSports organization announced its withdrawal on Thursday – it wants to “focus on international competitions”

In September, GamerLegion managed to stay in Division 1 via the relegation play-offs – but now the withdrawal has been confirmed. The eSports organization will no longer compete in the Prime League. The reason given for this step is an internal strategic realignment: as an international team, they want to “focus beyond the borders of Germany”.

“We have recently come to the conclusion that we want to focus more on the international stage again,” says GamerLegion CEO Nicolas Reber. “To this end, we are now pooling our resources. We are very grateful for the wonderful moments we were able to experience with our players in the Prime League and wish each and every one of them every success in the future. “

“Taking on challenges on a global level “

With this strategic move, GamerLegion wants to “establish itself more strongly in worldwide competitions and take on the challenges on a global level”. The organization recently celebrated international success in Counter-Strike and Age of Empires 2. This is now apparently also the plan in League of Legends (LoL). GamerLegion is looking forward to “fulfilling the high expectations and ambitions”.

The Berlin-based team won the Spring Split in the Prime League 2022 – but then things went downhill. Now a spot in the German-speaking LoL league is likely to become vacant. How this will be filled in the future remains to be seen



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