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General Motors makes it clear: Formula 1 only with Andretti!

US manufacturer General Motors would currently have no interest in entering Formula 1 with another team should partner Andretti be rejected

Would General Motors also enter Formula 1 with its Cadillac brand if the series rejects Andretti as a new team? No, says Mark Reuss, President of the US automotive group. This means that Formula 1 would alienate a major American company if Andretti were to turn it down.

General Motors announced a partnership with Andretti at the beginning of the year, who want to be part of Formula 1 from 2025, but have so far encountered a lot of headwind. Although the FIA has given the racing team the green light to join, Andretti still has to come to an agreement with Formula 1 regarding the commercial rights.

However, this will probably be the biggest challenge, as the bosses of the Grand Prix racing teams are currently rather reluctant to accept the idea of an eleventh team in Formula 1.

The FOM is currently weighing up the financial implications of an additional team and has made it clear that it would only allow another competitor if it would be beneficial to Formula 1 as a whole.

One incentive would be to have a major manufacturer like General Motors on board, although some fear that Andretti is basically just using the group as a sticker to make a case for entry without any real substance behind it. Others believe that if Andretti fails, GM could make a deal with another team.

General Motors now denies at least the latter. In an interview with the Associated Press news agency, GM President Mark Reuss said of the possibility of working with another team: “GM has committed to a partnership with Andretti to race in Formula 1. “

“The collaboration between Andretti and Cadillac brings together two unique entities that were built for racing and both have a long history of success in global motorsports,” Reuss continued.

The possibility of General Motors joining forces with other teams has been hinted at several times in the Formula 1 paddock, and Williams team principal James Vowles recently stated that his team was open to the idea of such a manufacturer partnership.

“We have made it clear from the outset that we are happy to bring new companies on board, but the pie has to grow as a result, not shrink. So far, it has only shrunk,” says Vowles. “Let’s be clear: this is not aimed at Andretti or GM. Quite the opposite.”

“I welcome GM with open arms. And I hope to build a relationship with them if it doesn’t work out. It’s an incredible venture that I think will make the sport better,” says the Williams team principal.

When asked if Williams is actively seeking a relationship with General Motors, Vowles replies, “No. My point is more that a company, a manufacturer like GM, would be absolutely welcome in our sport.”

“We would welcome them at this stage. But they are clearly associated with Andretti. So there’s no question about that, and we’re not in any discussions at this point.”

According to AP, GM plans to send some high-level representatives to next weekend’s Formula One race in Las Vegas to lobby once again for Andretti’s entry.



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