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Schröder sees Braunschweig win derby

Just before his departure to the USA, world champion Dennis Schröder has reason to celebrate once again. His team from Braunschweig manages a surprise at the start of the new season.

Fired up by national team captain Dennis Schröder, the Braunschweig Lions celebrated a successful start to the new season. The Braunschweig team surprisingly won the Lower Saxony duel with EWE Baskets Oldenburg 91:86 (46:51) on Friday evening. Schröder owns the club and saw a strong performance from his team. The best thrower for the Löwen was TJ Crockett with 24 points.

Schröder was loudly celebrated by the 6205 spectators in the hall. When the hall announcer greeted the NBA star towards the end of the first quarter, all the spectators in the Volkswagen Halle rose to their feet. Chants of “MVP” echoed through the arena. Schröder had been named the tournament’s most valuable player (MVP) during Germany’s World Cup triumph in Asia.

To see the World Cup trophy set up in the foyer of the arena and to take a selfie with the trophy, long queues had formed in the arena well before the start of the match. At least on this Friday evening, the World Cup euphoria was clearly felt in Braunschweig.

“I have the trophy at home. I celebrated my 30th birthday with it,” Schröder said during the half-time break in an interview on the streaming service Dyn, which has been broadcasting the games of the Basketball Bundesliga since this season. On his 30th birthday, Schröder had signed the Golden Book in his hometown. “That was something very special.”

Schröder followed his team’s season opener together with his family from the front row. Time and again, the 30-year-old jumped up at successful moves by the hosts and cheered on with a clapperboard in his hand.

Löwen Braunschweig – EWE Baskets Oldenburg 91:86 (46:51)

Best scorers for Braunschweig: Crockett Jr.(24 points), Rorie (17), Peterka (12), Tischler (11)
Best scorers for Oldenburg: Foster (17), Schoormann (12), Williams (14), Manning Jr. (12), Izundu (11)
Spectators: 6205



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