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Racist escalation around Vinicius Junior: Atletico condemns incident

On the sidelines of the Madrid city derby, Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior has been racially insulted several times by Atletico supporters. The Rojiblancos want to help clarify what happened.

The unfortunate statement by the president of the Spanish football agents Pedro Bravo that Vinicius Junior should not “make an ass of himself” with his jubilant dances had largely been relegated to the realm of misinterpretation. Nevertheless, the Brazilian as well as his compatriots Pelé and Neymar had wanted to prevent worse with speeches via social media. But then parts of the Atletico Madrid supporters tore all doubts apart.

Atletico captain Koke also stirred up the atmosphere

In the context of the Derbi madrileno, which Real had won like all its competitive matches so far this season, all sporting matters had taken a back seat in the Spanish capital on Sunday evening. For while Vinicius Junior and goalscorer Rodrygo were giving their response to the minor scandal on the pitch, a much bigger scandal was building up around the prestigious city duel, before which Atletico captain Koke had threatened the 22-year-old with “trouble” if he danced in celebration.

Especially in front of the Civitas Metropolitano, Vinicius Junior had been racially insulted by hundreds of Atleti supporters through monkey chants, a “fan” had put a doll, which was probably meant to stereotype a Black slave, into a white shirt and “decorated” it with a Real scarf. During the game, more chants of abuse and monkey noises followed whenever the Brazilian was on the ball.

La Liga promises “justice “

On Tuesday, the Rojiblancos condemned the incidents around their stadium in an official club statement. It was “unacceptable” chanting by a “minority”, which Atletico – as well as La Liga itself, which promised “justice” – will support the relevant authorities in identifying. “We will not allow anyone to make racist comments and then hide behind our colours,” the statement said.

Unlike Real Madrid (“Ultras Sur”) and FC Barcelona (“Boixos Nois”), the Rojiblancos have not yet banned their ultra-group “Frente Atletico”, which is conspicuous for its right-wing extremism, from the stadium.



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