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Now she’s letting her lawyers speak

Camila Giorgi is still missing. Now the tennis star’s lawyers have spoken out about allegations in the media

After the furor surrounding her alleged disappearance, the lawyers of tennis player Camila Giorgi have spoken out and taken a stand. Last Sunday, the Italian declared the immediate end of her career in her Instagram story, but did not directly address speculation about the reasons for her days-long disappearance.

According to Italian media reports, Giorgi is said to be in the USA. She may have fled from the tax authorities in her native Italy. She is said to have come to the attention of the tax authorities because she had not submitted an income tax return for several years. All prize money had to be paid to the tax office. There are also said to have been irregularities with her family.

Problems with the family?

Now her lawyers Federico Marini and Cristian Carmelo Nicotra have commented on the case and said that her absence had nothing to do with a flight from the tax office. In a statement, they said: “There was no intention to evade the investigation or responsibility. Camila will return to Italy soon. The departure from the residence in Calenzano is temporary and due to family disagreements and the desire to take a break to reflect”.

According to the lawyers, she had been thinking about her decision to resign for several months. “As Camila thought about gradually slowing down her life during Corona, she found it difficult to cope with the new stress of competition,” the statement reads.

Camila will make all the necessary declarations, the lawyers said. Her income – tournament prizes – is known to the tax office, there is nothing to hide. The problem is that mistakes were made while Camila was away. “She had instructed the closest family members, but they made important mistakes and when we became aware of the situation, it was already too late and it was not possible to clear everything up.”

In recent days, there has been great concern about Giorgi, who is said to have been unavailable for long periods of time. The International Tennis Integrity Agency (Itia) listed her as “retired”, announcing the end of her career. She then confirmed the end of her career herself. Giorgi, who also runs an underwear brand called “Giomila”, had recently only been outside the top 100 in the world rankings.



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