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Nagelsmann: Where his team “comes off a bit too badly”

Will there ever be a champion other than FC Bayern in the next few years? Coach Julian Nagelsmann takes the Bundesliga rivals to task

As pleasant as last Sunday was for all FC Bayern fans, it was not good news for the Bundesliga that the subscription champions made the top match in Leverkusen look like a first-round DFB Cup duel. The 5:1 defeat was not only a heavy blow for Bayer 04, but also for all those who would like to see more excitement at the top of the table.

Will FC Bayern not hand over the championship trophy for the next ten years? “I can already imagine that there will be another champion at some point,” coach Julian Nagelsmann said on Tuesday. “Should I be here for another ten years, it would be nice if it wasn’t like that. “

“… instead of getting into a complaining mode “

He takes the competition to task. “I think it’s always better to try everything you can to make sure you’re successful yourself instead of getting into a complaining mode. I always kept that way at my previous clubs,” said the former Hoffenheim and Leipzig coach. “In the end, it’s about everyone trying to be great challengers.” But “of course it’s a bit easier to talk as a Bayern coach. “

For Nagelsmann, however, Munich’s dominance does not simply have to do with a quality advantage on the pitch. He is also “very satisfied” with his team’s “greed and desire to confirm successes again and again”. He even believes that they “come off a little too badly in the assessment”.

Because: “First of all, you have to give credit to a team that is able to become champions ten times in a row, to have this greed, even after 2020, when they won everything, to just keep going.” This “character performance” is simply “worth mentioning”.



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