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Marco Bezzecchi’s rollercoaster ride: “If you avoid problems …”

After the podium in Jerez, Marco Bezzecchi crashed in both races at Le Mans – His friend Andrea Migno is also supporting him in the VR46 team this season

Third place at the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez was a small stroke of liberation for Marco Bezzecchi. Since the winter tests, the Italian has struggled with the Ducati Desmosedici GP23. He does not have the same feeling as with the GP22, especially under braking and at the entrance to corners. In addition, there is understeer in the middle of the corner

Bezzecchi won the race in France last year. This time, the VR46 rider qualified on the front row of the grid in Le Mans. But he retired in the sprint after crashing in turn 8. He also went down in the Grand Prix, this time in turn 6.

After five race weekends, Bezzecchi has 36 championship points to his name. At the same time last year, he had 93. “The top 5 would have been possible, but if you crash, it means nothing,” was his conclusion after Le Mans.

“When you’re attacking and avoiding problems, it’s not easy. But my pace wasn’t bad, the bike worked well. Unfortunately, I made a small mistake and crashed. We are fighting for thousandths of a second. It’s not much.”

“When you try to find details, it’s really difficult. That’s why I don’t want to modify the bike too much, I want to try to ride better and compensate for the problems. There is something missing, but we will find it for sure.”

Because Marc Marquez shows what is possible with the GP23 in the Gresini team. But Bezzecchi’s problem is: “When I accelerate in the middle of the corner, I always have understeer. I’ve had this feeling since the first test.”

There is a new face in the VR46 team this season: Andrea Migno. The Italian had already failed to find a regular place in Moto3 or Moto2 for 2023 and rode a few Moto3 races as a substitute rider in the CIP team. The highlight was third place in Argentina

However, Migno was still unable to find a bike for this year. As he is a member of the VR46 Academy, he was given a job in Rossi’s MotoGP team. Migno is the second riding coach alongside Idalio Gavira and supports Bezzecchi and Fabio Di Giannantonio.

“Together with Idalio, I am at the track and film our riders,” says Migno at “Then we do analysis to understand where they are struggling and how they can improve.”

“This job gives me a different perspective on motorcycle racing. I am very happy about this opportunity and I am very grateful to ‘Uccio’ for involving me in this project.”

Migno had actually wanted to continue his career in the Moto2 European Championship, but as teams there demand up to 200,000 euros dowry per season, this was not affordable for him. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to continue his own career in the future

Migno is also trying to help Bezzecchi psychologically

Now he is trying to help Bezzecchi. “First and foremost, he’s a friend. When he puts on the helmet, he is a rider who gives his all,” says Migno, describing his colleague. “In the winter, he struggled to set up the bike for him.”

“He was used to different dynamics. He took a great podium in Jerez, but in my opinion he still doesn’t have one hundred percent confidence in the GP23. He is aware of that. Above all, he lacks the feeling for the front wheel. “

“After Qatar he was desperate because he had no confidence at all. I remember that we were in a room together in Lusail. I spoke to him as a friend and told him that not everything is as bad as he sees it.”

“Slowly he improved, but you couldn’t see it from the outside. He had a good qualifying session in Portimao and finished on the podium in Jerez. He was also competitive at Le Mans, but unfortunately he crashed and was pissed off.”

“As I said, ‘Bez’ is very hard on himself and he doesn’t accept his current position compared to last year. He’s also a real character who can build a good environment for himself. He’s also tough and determined.”

Team-mate Di Giannantonio has collected 47 points and is one place ahead of Bezzecchi in ninth place in the championship standings



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