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Klopp versus Guardiola: “Wow, that’s interesting”.

Under turbulent circumstances, Liverpool made a statement against Manchester City. Jürgen Klopp shows himself anything but relaxed afterwards

Jürgen Klopp allowed himself a bit of satisfaction this Sunday evening. “Come on, how many people were thinking: ‘Oh no, Milner against Foden!’?” the Liverpool FC coach remarked gleefully after the 1-0 win over Manchester City, although it was probably the wrong question: given the Premier League form of both teams so far, the sigh beforehand had been more like: Oh no, Liverpool against ManCity!

But it wasn’t just 36-year-old James Milner who excelled as a surprise right-back against the reigning champions. Liverpool FC just defensively showed Liverpool football perhaps for the first time this season. Before the lead – only the second in the ninth game of the season – Erling Haaland & Co. had hardly any chances, afterwards none at all. Klopp did not want to let it stand that they still only got three points: “That’s a lot!” he said after this “extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary” top game, which earned this adjective many times over.

Klopp sees red: “Of course I overshot the mark “

Red card upset:When Klopp returned to Napoli with Liverpool in October 2018, he recalled his freak-out there five years earlier as BVB coach, noting, “I know by now that it wouldn’t happen today.” In that respect, Klopp fell off the wagon on Sunday. When referee Anthony Taylor failed to sanction a foul by Bernardo Silva on Mo Salah in the closing stages, Klopp ran out of his coaching zone, shouted at the linesman, who had not intervened despite being a short distance from the action, from an even shorter distance and consequently saw red.

“I lost my temper, that was not okay. I’ve known for 55 years that just the look on my face in those moments is worth a red card,” he admitted his guilt afterwards, telling Sky: “I could hardly calm down, of course I overshot the mark there. But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a clearer situation in a football match that doesn’t get whistled.” The consequences for Klopp are still unclear. A ban is possible, but unlike in the Bundesliga, it is not automatic in the Premier League.

“This is Anfield”? Klopp counters Guardiola

Exciting VAR: The coaches were united in their anger at Taylor and his all-too-loose leash that night (“Pep and I were both up the tree”), but on one key scene Klopp and Guardiola clearly disagreed. In the 56th minute, Taylor had taken back Foden’s supposed 1-0 after VAR intervention because Haaland had knocked Fabinho over in the build-up.

“There were a million fouls and the referee always said: play on, play on. But then you can’t disallow this goal,” Guardiola scolded, sensing a conspiracy: “This is Anfield.” Klopp, who had also seen fouls on Salah and keeper Alisson before Foden’s goal, countered: “Wow, that’s interesting. Just imagine how we would be standing here after all the fouls and the goal would have been given. That would have been unfortunate.”

Upsetting goal: Klopp was not in a good mood anyway during the post-match interview marathon after all the turmoil, but when he was asked on Sky whether Liverpool also had the necessary luck – with City’s disallowed goal and Salah’s correct goal – he got angry: “I think it’s a bit of a shame that you have to call it luck now. A bit weird somehow. “

Was Klopp planning to substitute Salah? “No, that was not the plan “

The lively Salah, who converted Alisson’s clearance after a mistake by Joao Cancelo, used his body “extremely well” so that Cancelo could not defend the ball. That is high quality, I didn’t see much luck there. The ball doesn’t slip through somehow.” Klopp denied that he had wanted to substitute Salah shortly before – the number 11 had already lit up – “No, that was not the plan, I just wanted to talk to him. “

Diogo Jota: With Luis Diaz, Liverpool have just lost an attacking whirlwind, with Diogo Jota now the next one threatens to fall out. The Portuguese had to be taken off the pitch shortly before the end of the game after a supposedly harmless action. “If Diogo stays down, it’s not good,” Klopp said, referring to something “muscular”: “He really felt something.” He said he would definitely miss the next game – West Ham on Wednesday (8.30pm).

ManCity supporters sing ugly chants – Guardiola pelted with coins

Exciting spectators: because incorrigible ManCity supporters had alluded to the Hillsborough and Heysel disasters in chants, Liverpool FC released a statement later that evening saying they were “deeply shocked”: “We know how this behaviour affects the families, survivors and everyone involved with such disasters.” Graffiti was also left in the visitors’ area, according to club sources.

Liverpool fans also apparently misbehaved: Guardiola reported being pelted with coins, though not hit. ManCity announced a complaint, Liverpool a stadium ban for the offender(s).



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