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“He’s just stronger than me”: Guardiola and Klopp joke about Darwin incident

After the game between Manchester City and Liverpool, there was an exchange of words between Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola. Both coaches reacted to the scene with humor

It’s not really clear what the cause was. But one thing is certain: after the 1-1 draw between Man City and Liverpool, there was a verbal altercation between Reds attacker Darwin and Pep Guardiola. Jürgen Klopp even had to restrain his protégé to prevent a scandal

The incident was discussed at the subsequent press conference, but Guardiola was unable to elicit anything. The question had not even been finished when the Spaniard said. “Nothing happened”, which he repeated several more times, tapping his fingers impatiently on the table. And that Klopp had held Darwin? “He’s just stronger than me,” said the Man City coach with a grin – topic closed.

Klopp didn’t even let the reporter finish when asked about Darwin. “This has nothing to do with a bitter rivalry. I don’t know what you want to make of it. It’s not a bitter rivalry, it’s a rivalry.” Nor did he want to know about a “historic bitter rivalry”. “I don’t think Darwin Nunez knows anything about it,” joked Klopp.

Of course, “emotions” were responsible. “To be honest, I’m not the one who can explain it because I wasn’t involved – surprisingly,” said Klopp, who is known for his impulsive nature, and caused a few more laughs at the press conference. “I love them both and I tried to calm the situation down without knowing one hundred percent what was going on because I didn’t understand a word. That was it. “

“Incredibly good” vs. “not good, but okay “

About the game, Guardiola said that his team only allowed “very few chances”. “Liverpool are a team that wants to create chances. How many did they have today? Seven, eight or nine? Today we were incredibly good in all areas.” Klopp had given a different assessment of his team’s performance, describing it as “not good, but okay.”



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