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G2 puts CEO on leave after party with Andrew Tate

G2 Esports has put Carlos Rodriguez on unpaid leave for eight weeks. The team’s CEO had come under fire after posting a video with controversial influencer Andrew Tate

This was G2’s response to the storm of outrage that had descended on Rodriguez after he tweeted a clip showing him celebrating with Tate at a club. Tate had made a name for himself as an influencer in recent months by spreading misogynistic and sexist messages online, for which he had been banned from social media platform TikTok, for example.

Link to Tate not sustainable for G2

For G2, values the eSports organisation does not remotely want to be associated with. “The behaviour of our CEO speaks a language that is in marked contrast to the values and culture that G2 lives by and strives for,” it said in a statement shared by the organisation via its social media channels on Sunday.

Much more, G2 stands for “a safe and inclusive environment to enjoy eSports”, which is why the decision has now been made to part ways for a period of time. “After internal discussions, Carlos and our board of directors have mutually come to the decision that he will take eight weeks off and forgo his earnings during that time. “

Rodriguez between remorse and damage control

The criticised Rodriguez also commented on the debate on Sunday, saying, “Many G2 fans were disappointed this weekend, creating confusion about what I stand for. It’s always been my goal to stand for absolute equality of opportunity, no matter who you are or where you’re from – that’s what gaming is all about.” He had merely failed to perceive the sentiment around Tate correctly and was willing to face the appropriate consequences.

These are now known to be in place. Whether there will be a rethink at Rodriguez regarding the position and values of his controversial acquaintance, however, can be doubted. “No one will ever be able to police my friendships. This is where I draw my line. I party with whoever I want,” the 32-year-old had tweeted as his first reaction to the criticism of himself and subsequently rewarded approval with a few likes.



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