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FIFA 23: Release of web and companion app imminent

FUT-23 Web and Companion App will help you through the FIFA 23 season away from the game. When can you start planning your team? An overview:

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team there are some changes to the chemistry system, furthermore the transfer market will be merged thanks to Crossplay. To be able to adapt to the new circumstances, FIFA 23 web and companion app are good alternatives.

Another advantage is the access to the transfer market and the management of the own team. The app becomes a practical companion throughout the season, even away from the actual game. In FIFA 23, access to FUT is already possible one week before the release.

Get early access? Here’s how:

But before the FIFA 23 update can be deployed, the old version of the web app will be deactivated. So from 16 September 2022 you will no longer be able to access your FUT 22 team there.

On 21 September, the web app will be activated first, followed by the release of the companion app on iOS and Android on 22 September. To access it at this early stage, you’ll need to be a returning FUT 22 player, and also have a complaint-free account. Means:

– You must have created a FUT club in FIFA 22 and logged into FUT 22 on your platform before 1 August 2022 to gain access to the FUT 23 web app and Companion app in advance.

– Your FUT 22 account must still exist. If you have already deleted your club, you will not be able to access the app.

– Those who play FIFA 23 after receiving the full version can earn access to the transfer market via the web app and the companion app.

– Loyalty bonuses are linked to player history, engagement and account status. Accordingly, these can vary to other game endings. Those who have switched platforms between FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 will not receive any bonuses.

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30th 2022. How you can also get into the game before release, you can find out here.



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