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Contract details revealed: What Mbappé should earn at PSG

It is no secret that Paris St. Germain convinced Kylian Mbappé to stay in the summer for financial reasons. Now details are said to be known.

Mbappé is said to have signed a contract with French champions Paris St. Germain that is unparalleled in the football world after his failed move to Real Madrid in the summer. According to the daily newspaper “Le Parisien”, the new contract will pay the world champion 630 million euros gross over three years. The contract is thus “the biggest ever signed in the history of the sport”.

The 23-year-old has a two-year contract with an option for a third year, Le Parisien reported, citing sources close to the deal. The annual salary is estimated at 72 million euros, plus a signing bonus of 180 million euros. The contract also includes a loyalty bonus of increasing amounts, around 90 million euros in the third year of the contract.

This also puts Mbappé ahead of a previous contract signed by his teammate Lionel Messi, which reportedly paid him €555 million gross over four years at FC Barcelona between 2017 and 2021. Mbappé’s side did not comment on the figures when asked by news agency AFP.

Sponsorship income included

In addition to his basic salary at PSG, the attacker’s income also includes sponsorship income. According to the American magazine “Forbes”, these earnings of the French international amount to around 18 million euros through various partnerships



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