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Boston takes the crown: Celtics now sole NBA record champions

The Boston Celtics have done it – and are champions for the 18th time. In game five against the Dallas Mavericks, the Celtics left nothing to be desired, winning in the end with a largely unchallenged 106:88 and are now the sole record champions of the strongest basketball league in the world

After the strong performance in game four, many a Dallas fan might have harbored the faint hope that the Mavs could still achieve the almost impossible and turn around the final series against Boston after going 0:3; a feat that no team has ever achieved, 156 have tried, 156 have failed.

But even in Texas, hope dies last and to keep it alive, they needed another win – and that was against the Celtics, who were able to call on Kristaps Porzingis again. The Latvian was not a real factor in the game in the end, unlike Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Tatum and Brown carry the Celtics

The two stars carried the Celtics on their shoulders in the first half and gave Boston a comfortable 21-point halftime lead (67:46). The home side was hugely improved compared to the previous game, its defense was solid and it repeatedly completed successful moves in offense. Boston was eager to play in front of its own vociferous fans

And Dallas? Coach Jason Kidd had big problems getting his stars into the game. Both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving had a lot of trouble – and an underground rate from the field: Doncic was 4 of 10 at halftime, Irving even 2 of 8. With such a disastrous output from their two best players, the Texans ended up being nothing more than a sparring partner for Boston, who clearly had the will and the passion to clinch the 18th championship in franchise history.

Because Boston made a few careless mistakes in the third quarter and bench player Josh Green woke up the Mavs at the other end, the game became halfway exciting again in the meantime. Dallas reduced the deficit to 65:82 in this spell, but continued to struggle to grab rebounds and also made the odd odd decision in offense. Two scenes were telling: Doncic allowed himself an airball with a very deep three and, shortly afterwards, Maxi Kleber did not dare to take the lay-up after a successful rebound and preferred to pass out.

Tatum frees himself from his burden

The visitors took a 67:82 lead into the final period, in which Boston left nothing to chance – despite a The Celtics won 106:88 and gave the starting signal for the confetti and the championship party. Incidentally, Tatum, who has been repeatedly criticized of late, played a major role in the victory and had been repeatedly accused of not being able to win a title – he had played in six conference finals and once in the finals.

Now the point guard finally made the big shot and freed himself from this enormous burden. “What are they going to say now?” he asked after the win, visibly moved and struggling to find the right words. In the end it was: “Oh my God, we’ve done it.” Incidentally, Tatum was the game’s top scorer with 31 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds, while Doncic, who had improved, finished with 28 points.

With their 18th title, the Celtics are now the NBA’s sole record champions, a record they previously shared with the Los Angeles Lakers.



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