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“Bayern again, the Blaugrana’s nightmare”.

Since the Champions League draw on Thursday it is clear: There will be a rematch of last year’s clash between FC Bayern and Barcelona. The reactions of the Spanish press …

“Mundo Deportivo”:

“Brutal (big on page one). Bayern again, the Blaugrana’s nightmare. Barça could only win two of 13 encounters. But: Lewandowski is playing for Barcelona this time. “


“Bangers in the Champions League. The new double duel will be an opportunity to settle scores. And Lewandowski will certainly be eager to wipe the smile off Kahn’s face. “

“El Periódico”:

“Another terrible draw for Barça, another group of death. The team newly formed by Xavi will have to prove itself against two European monsters. “


“Difficult, but not impossible. Bayern, the behemoth that has doomed Barcelona several times in the Champions League in recent years, crosses the path of the Azulgrana again. It’s a very complicated group for Barça, but the team is much stronger than last season. “

“La Vanguardia”:

“A wild group. Barça escaped the Freudian tragedy of a clash against PSG and against (ex-club idol) Lionel Messi wearing someone else’s shirt, but instead of the rain there is now the frying pan: FC Bayern Munich, the Blaugrana’s fearsome opponents in recent years, represent a real acid test for Xavi Hernández’s renovated team. “



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