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Aston Martin: No appeal against Alonso’s time penalty for this reason

Team Principal Mike Krack explains why Aston Martin simply accepted the time penalty against Fernando Alonso at the 2024 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

Aston Martin reacts with incomprehension to the time penalty against Fernando Alonso at the Formula 1 race in Australia 2024. Team Principal Mike Krack says: “Receiving a 20-second time penalty even though there was no contact with the car behind is a bitter pill to swallow.” But he also says: “We have to swallow it. We have to accept the decision. “

The question remains as to why Aston Martin did not appeal against the stewards’ decision if it did not entirely agree with it. According to Krack, his team did try to argue its own case, “but without new evidence, we cannot request a reconsideration”. So the case is officially closed.

The Formula 1 teams are under more time pressure than ever in the 2024 season: where previously a time window of 14 days applied after an incident, a deadline of just four days has been set since this year. This means that if there is no further evidence up to 96 hours after an incident that was not already available at the time the verdict was reached, a reconsideration is not possible.

Aston Martin accepts this – and is “relieved, like everyone in motorsport, that George [Russell] was okay after the accident,” says Krack.

Russell had been following Alonso closely shortly before the end of the race in Melbourne when, according to the stewards, Alonso behaved in a “potentially dangerous” manner by decelerating unusually early before a corner. This caught Russell on the wrong foot: the Mercedes man lost control of his car and crashed

Team boss appeals for understanding for Alonso

Team boss Krack, however, appeals for understanding for Alonso and says: “He is the most experienced driver in Formula 1. He has taken part in more Grands Prix than anyone else and has more than 20 years of experience. He is a multiple world champion in various categories.”

“Fernando is a phenomenal racing driver and he used every tool in his toolbox to finish ahead of George – just like we saw last year in Brazil with Sergio [Perez]. That’s the art of motorsport at the highest level,” says Krack. Postscript: “Fernando would never put anyone in danger.”

Alonso has already made similar comments about the incident. He stated that he was “somewhat surprised” to have received a time penalty. Former Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill agreed with Alonso’s point of view and Formula 1 expert Marc Surer described the maneuver as “not unusual”, albeit “wrong” in this situation



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