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Yamaha development continues: “We are starting to see the light”

Fabio Quartararo and Yamaha Team Manager Massimo Meregalli take stock after the first half of the season and outline the plan for the future

Although Yamaha has not yet achieved a major breakthrough in the first half of the 2024 MotoGP season, progress can be seen at the Japanese manufacturer. The pace of development has picked up significantly. New parts are being tested and then quickly put to use at the weekend

“We already tested a new engine a few weeks ago in Valencia. There were actually two engines, one we’ve had since Assen and one we have now. Another expansion stage will come in the future,” revealed Fabio Quartararo at the last race weekend at the Sachsenring.

“But that’s just one building block,” emphasized the Frenchman. “Turning has improved a bit, but there are still many things we need to improve. I think with all the data we have collected in the first half of the season, the engineers can develop a good understanding of what needs to be done. “

Yamaha wants to consistently finish in the top 10

Yamaha is not really thinking about next year yet, but is concentrating on the remainder of the season: “Thanks to the concessions, we have the opportunity to make improvements every month, with a new engine and a new chassis. This puts the focus on the near future and not on 2025.”

After all, there are still eleven race weekends to go after the summer break. And Yamaha has big plans for these. “The ambition is to be very consistently in the top 10 in the second half of the second half of the season.”

“Objectively speaking, we know where we stand and we know that it’s not easy and that it would be remarkable. But the development is already planned. After Austria, we will go straight to Misano with the factory riders. “

Meregalli outlines further development plan

Yamaha will complete another private test there and evaluate a revised aerodynamic package. “If it works, we will homologate it at the Misano Grand Prix. And then the engine specification is still open at the moment.”

“If there is an opportunity to take a further step, we will do so. As for the electronics,” which Meregalli believes is currently the biggest weak point, “I expect that we will start to evaluate different things. So we know that we won’t be bored. “

When asked about the additional burden that the private tests place on the regular riders and the team, the Yamaha Team Director explains: “The concessions offer more opportunities, but also mean extra work for everyone. “

Light at the end of the tunnel is slowly emerging

“And I have to say that I’m really proud to have this team and these drivers, because so far they’ve never complained. Maybe also because we are seeing first results and that is an incentive, but we are all trying really hard, from Japan to Europe, and we are all focused on the same direction.”

“It’s certainly challenging and hard. But you are basically rewarded with the results. We still have a long way to go, but the direction is now clear.” However, Meregalli does not want to talk about the light at the end of the tunnel just yet: “Oh no, maybe we’re in the middle. We are starting to see the light.”

Before Yamaha continues to work towards this, however, they are giving themselves and the riders a well-deserved break. “There is a test break for us in July,” says Quartararo and admits: “To be honest, I’m quite happy to have a bit of a rest.”

“There was also a longer break between Mugello and Assen, but I only had four days off. That was tough. That’s why we’re now taking a week off.” The racing circus will then resume at the Silverstone Circuit at the beginning of August



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