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Why Flick did not nominate Hummels again

Mats Hummels (32) is not in the squad of the German national team again. Hansi Flick explained the omission.

On Friday, national coach Hansi Flickannounced the DFB line-up for the final international matches in 2021. Among others, four goalkeepers are included, Mats Hummels is missing again.

The fact that the BVB defender, who had seen the red card against Ajax on Wednesday, now still does not come to his premiere under Flick, has again been done in consultation, according to the national coach.

“I really always have a close exchange with Mats, “ Flick explained, “also with his coach Marco Rose. The way Mats has said now that he’s on his way to one hundred per cent – we as a coaching team see that the same way.”

In other words: Hummels, who had a late start to the season due to knee problems, will once again be spared. “That is really a good development,” praised Flick. “But in the two weeks he then has a break, he can focus on his training, that’s important. He has played a lot of games now and needs to regenerate a bit, recharge his battery a bit. He will then have the opportunity to do that. “



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