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Who slept the worst last night: Jorge Martin

Despite a strong performance, Jorge Martin has lost momentum in the World Championship duel in recent weeks – can he bounce back from this?

According to the official figures, 98,015 visitors created a bombastic atmosphere at the Sachsenring on Sunday alone. It’s a great pleasure to see how much enthusiasm and love there is for the Motorcycle World Championship in Germany. Thank you! That’s how it should be!

Miguel Oliveira seems to have read our column last week. Because now he has shown exactly what he can do and what you can expect from him at the Sachsenring. He showed highlights and put himself in the limelight.

As it is becoming clear behind the scenes that Fabio Di Giannantonio will stay with VR46 and ride the third Ducati GP25 in the field next year, Oliveira’s performance at the Sachsenring opens the door for him to join Pramac-Yamaha.

But let’s turn our attention to today’s Monday column. No, I didn’t nominate Jorge Martin today because of the crash shortly before the end of the race. His performance was fantastic all weekend.

It was the right reaction after Assen, where he only saw Francesco Bagnaia’s exhaust. The level is extremely high. Mistakes can happen. They happen to the best. Bagnaia put his bike into the gravel on the last lap of the Barcelona sprint while leading.

Martin is having a very good season. His performance is fantastic. Nevertheless, he has lost a bit of momentum in recent weeks. The figures are clear.

After his victory in Le Mans, Martin had a 38-point lead over Bagnaia. In the space of a few weeks, this has become a ten-point gap. With four victories in a row (plus two sprint wins), Bagnaia has gained the momentum on his side.

With 24 victories, Bagnaia is now the most successful Ducati rider in MotoGP. He also has two world championship titles and every chance of a third. Casey Stoner has “only” one world championship title and 23 victories with Ducati.

In the current season, Bagnaia has won six of the nine races. Martin has just two Sunday victories. Everything is going perfectly for Bagnaia at the moment. A lavish celebration is on his calendar during the summer break.

He will marry his partner Domizia Castagnini. Bagnaia will be able to banish MotoGP from his mind for a few moments. He is currently floating on cloud nine, both in his sporting and private life. It couldn’t be better.

Martin is completely different. The past few weeks must have been tough for him. First, the certainty that Ducati doesn’t want him. With Aprilia, he first has to get into a situation where he can win every weekend in the future

Now the world championship lead is also gone with one stupid mistake. When Martin is lying on the beach during the summer break, this scene from the Sachsenring will keep popping up in his head. What happened, what do I have to do differently?

Martin will inevitably be thinking about this while Bagnaia is having a roaring party. Martin has what it takes to make a strong comeback and turn the tide of the World Championship battle and gain the momentum on his side.

But he also has to implement and demonstrate this on the track. That will be the crux of the matter and will decide who becomes world champion this year. For Martin, of course, it would be a great satisfaction to take the starting number 1 to Aprilia

Who do you think was the loser of the MotoGP weekend? Let me know your opinion on Facebook under “Racing inside with Gerald Dirnbeck”. There you will find my texts, insider information, opinions and assessments on current topics. And of course the opportunity to discuss this column!



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