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Vinicius Junior makes public racist insult by child

Vinicius Junior has once again become the target of racist insults during Real Madrid’s away match at Sevilla FC. This time there was apparently even a child among the perpetrators.

Once again, a La Liga match has been overshadowed by what appears to be several racist incidents, and once again Vinicius Junior appears to have been the target. As recently as Saturday evening, Sevilla FC announced that a supporter had been ejected from the stadium during the 1-1 draw with Real Madrid for “xenophobic and racist behavior” and handed over to the authorities. “The person will also be subject to the club’s strict internal disciplinary procedures and his membership will be revoked.”

The day after, Vinicius Junior expressed his gratitude for this quick action – and made public yet another case of racism at the evening match. According to the report, he had been shown a video in which a child was behaving in a racist manner. “I’m very sorry that there was no one to clear it up,” wrote the Brazilian international. “I invest – and I invest a lot – in education in Brazil to educate citizens who have a different attitude than this. “

Vinicius Junior is also thinking about the 2030 World Cup

At the same time, Vinicius Junior appealed to Spanish authorities to also punish racist behavior in stadiums under criminal law. “This would be a good first step in preparation for the 2030 World Cup, and I stand ready to help,” the 23-year-old said. The 2030 World Cup – after opening in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina – will be held in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. “Excuse me if I repeat myself, but this is the 19th isolated incident. And there are more and more …”

Sevilla FC stressed it condemns racism of any kind and announced it would “work closely with the authorities to ensure that appropriate measures are taken. Such behavior has no place at Sevilla FC.”

Daniel Carvajal had Real at the Andalusians with his goal to 1-1 still saved a point. Shortly before, the royals had fallen behind due to an own goal by David Alaba.



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