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Valtteri Bottas: More involved at Alfa Romeo than at Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas enjoys being “technically” involved in the development of the car at Alfa Romeo – He said he had never been able to do that at Mercedes before

Valtteri Bottas makes no secret of the fact that he feels more than comfortable at his new employer Alfa Romeo. having more responsibility than when he was at Mercedes.

“I really want to help push the team in the right direction,” Bottas insists, explaining, “It always makes me think twice: Is this really the direction we want to go in or not? It’s really interesting.”

He also likes being “technically” involved in development, for example with regard to next year’s car. “I can already imagine how the car will feel,” reports the Finn, who previously drove for Mercedes for five years.

There he celebrated a total of ten race wins and two vice world championships. But he never stood a chance against Lewis Hamilton over the course of an entire season. He also reveals: “At Mercedes, I never managed to be that involved. “

“It was more that the computer said this kind of car would be the fastest,” he recalls, explaining, “Most of the time it worked. But now it’s also nice to have the human effect.”

At the start of the season, Bottas finished in the points seven times in the first nine races for his new team. Before the summer break, however, his form curve showed a slight downward trend. The 32-year-old has now been without a championship point for four races.

Nevertheless, he continues to enjoy his work in Hinwil.



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