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“This is disrespectful” – BVB pros Schlotterbeck and Adeyemi react to FIFA 23 rating

The BVB pros Karim Adeyemi and Nico Schlotterbeck have received their FIFA-23 ratings. “Brutally satisfied” is only one of them, however.

In the last week EA SPORTS has published many ratings of the professional footballers. Among them not only the top players in FIFA 23 or the best Bundesliga pros, but also the ratings of Dortmund.

BVB-eFootball-Coach Stefan Gajduk sat down with Karim Adeyemi and Nico Schlotterbeck to get their opinions about the FIFA 23 ratings of the two pros.

“Karim likes to pass, he just can’t “

Adeyemi gives an advance glimpse of what he expects from his virtual image: “Every FIFA I’ve played myself, disaster!” In any case, Schlotterbeck seems to know exactly what that might be due to: “Karim likes to pass, he just can’t do it. He’s not good at it at all, very unclean. He still has a lot to learn, but he has other qualities,” said the 22-year-old, who joined BVB in the summer from SC Freiburg.

Adeyemi has qualities in speed and dribbling, but Schlotterbeck immediately recognises the next flaw for FIFA 23: “The problem is that with the card you tend to run and not pass, but that’s how it is in real life.”

Dortmund’s striker counters immediately and estimates Schlotterbeck’s shot at 38: “Schlotti is a defender, they never get a good shot. “

“No, that’s fake. “

When the official scores are then revealed, Adeyemi is shocked. On Schlotterbeck’s pass score, he comments, “That’s disrespectful.” The defender, on the other hand, is “brutally satisfied” overall, achieving a total score of 82. Both assess the scores of the 20-year-old, who arrived from Salzburg in the summer, differently.

Schlotterbeck on Adeyemi’s card: “No, that’s fake.” The Sturm talent himself doesn’t even see himself in his own FIFA Ultimate Team: “I don’t even make my own bench.” The values of the first card shown were indeed incorrect, Gajduk said. However, neither are then taken with the correct version of the German international.

“You play Bundesliga with Dortmund and they give you 75?” says Schlotterbeck questioningly, while Adeyemi reviews his year once again: “I thought it would be a 78: collected an inform, been with the national team a few times and the move to Dortmund.”

Schlotterbeck, however, has one final wish: “I’d like to be left-footed in this FIFA, I’ve always been right-footed in the others – and then they also gave me weak foot two stars.” With HyperMotion 2 technology, the chances of EA granting this wish aren’t bad at all.



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