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Streich: “Those in the stadium are worth more”.

For the second time since he became head coach of Freiburg, Christian Streich will miss at least one match. Who will replace him in the Europa League match against FC Nantes (Thursday, 9pm) is still open, however, as not only Streich but also two co-coaches tested positive for Corona.

At the end of August 2018, Christian Streich had been absent from the bench for the first time since taking over the Freiburg first team during the winter break of the 2011/12 season. Due to a slipped disc, he missed the first two Bundesliga games of the season against Frankfurt and Hoffenheim, both of which Sport-Club lost. Co-coach Lars Voßler took over for Streich at the time, but he is currently sitting at home just like Streich and co-coach Florian Bruns. All three tested positive for Corona. Streich tested positive on Wednesday morning. He had headaches and a sore throat and was “not feeling very energetic”, he reported at the press conference – digitally linked from his kitchen.

Voßler had already missed Saturday’s home win against Mainz, so there is a small chance he could return. That currently leaves co-coach Patrick Baier and liaison coach and ex-captain Julian Schuster, who would probably sit on the bench if nothing changes in the current situation, Streich explained. If Voßler tests negative in time, Baier would probably take his place in the stands as usual to do the analysis from there and give pointers during the break.

In any case, the head coach does not want to “overdo it with trying to be present and help”, after all, you see much less on TV than in the stadium, “those in the stadium are worth more”. However, the 57-year-old has yet to figure out how he can even receive the game at home, he admitted. In view of the well-rehearsed and successful team, however, Streich is confident: “Everything has been discussed, the tactical orientation is clear, the team is stable, from there there are no problems. “

Streich: “Everything has been discussed, the tactical alignment is clear, the team is stable

And if he’s not much worse tomorrow, he wants to have a brief chat in the dressing room before the game against Nantes. Also to say a bit more “about the last game, the last video and give two, three hints”. “It certainly does us good to have a few words from the coach,” said midfielder Nicolas Höfler, who sat alone on the podium between the press officer and the translator. “But we know we have to perform and we are also fired up.” After all, he said, the team knows the good starting position after two wins in the Europa League opener. As the second-placed team in the Bundesliga, Sport-Club are also going into the game against Nantes “with a broad chest”, even if the team would have liked to have Streich with them. “Of course we will miss the coach with the way he pushes us on the sidelines and in the dressing room,” Höfler said, “but we want to show as a team that we have the quality to win games like this without him through our conviction on the pitch. “

Unlike Freiburg, the French side have not had a good start to the season and are stuck in the bottom of the Ligue 1 table after their recent 4-1 defeat at Monaco. In the Europa League, a win against Piraeus (2-1) was followed by a defeat at Qarabag Agdam (0-3). “They are a technically and individually very good team that is certainly lacking a bit of results at the moment,” Streich said. His team will certainly not underestimate Nantes any more than all the other opponents so far. Höfler also made that clear: “We can go full throttle and will bring our intense game to the pitch, which is what we are all about.” The international break before the win against Mainz would have allowed those who were not away with national teams to recharge their batteries. And there are no Corona-related absentees in the squad so far.

Away game at Hertha also probably too early

For Streich it will probably not be enough for the Bundesliga away match at Hertha BSC on Sunday. But he wants to be fit for the return leg against FC Nantes next week at the latest. “I really hope so,” said the SC coach, “I’ve never been to Nantes, I really want to go there.



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