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Six-figure surcharge: Ronaldinho SBC causes FC-24 frustration

The FC 24 community is discussing a new SBC. The focus is on the price ratio to Ronaldinho’s item on the in-game market

Brilliant ball handling, outstanding understanding of the game and always a broad smile on his lips: this is probably how Brazil’s former dribbling artist Ronaldinho is remembered by most soccer fans. The long-serving Barcelona star is not considered one of the best footballers of all time for nothing. The joy in the FC 24 community was correspondingly great when it was leaked that the “non-replaceable” basic version of the icon would be available in Ultimate Team via Squadbuilding Challenge (SBC).

When the SBC appeared on Sunday evening, however, disillusionment quickly set in. Just under 2.3 million coins of player material are required to be able to trade in the coveted card. Too big an investment for many users. “A joke of a price,” commented the Reddit account ‘DiMatteoLegend’ on the costs involved. An allusion to the comparatively lower price at which the same card can be obtained on the in-game transfer market. 1.7 million coins were due at the time of the SBC release – since then the price has even fallen to 1.6 million

Leaks depress the market price

The truth is that the leaks about the upcoming SBC have pushed the price down considerably in advance. According to the “Futbin” database, the cost of the SBC and the purchase on the transfer market were still balanced on Friday. It was only on Saturday morning that the price on the in-game market slipped well below the amount of coins needed for the SBC

On the other hand, highly rated player material for Squadbuilding Challenges is currently very cheap, which in turn reduces the price of the puzzle task. “If fodder wasn’t so cheap, the SBC would be around three million coins,” Reddit user ‘Dangerous-Sector-637’ suspects.

However, EA SPORTS is of course aware of this fact and has certainly priced it in. At the time of conception, the planned costs were probably reasonable. It was only the leak-induced slump in the market price that caused the large discrepancy

Is the SBC still worth it?

Whatever the developer’s considerations, the financial outlay is high for a card that is far from worthwhile for every player. After all, the basic version of the FC-24 legend only comes with a single PlayStyle+, while the current items almost all have two of the particularly strong abilities. In addition, the “Trickster”, the premium version of which Ronaldinho has, is only of interest to FC 24 players who work a lot with special moves and are very proficient in them.

From the point of view of gamers who have adopted a different style of play, the decision is therefore clear – and is aptly outlined by X-user ‘Twan’: “He’s 0.6 million coins cheaper on the market, doesn’t have a good PlayStyle+ and doesn’t have a five-star Weak Foot. The SBC is not worth it. “



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