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Rüdiger: “I see a game at eye level”

Antonio Rüdiger is Germany’s defensive boss at Euro 2024 – and has impressed in this role across the board so far. In an exclusive interview with the , the Real Madrid central defender talks about the quarter-final against Spain and the youngsters Lamine Yamal, Nico Williams and Jamal Musiala

For many observers of the tournament, the European Championship quarter-final between Germany and Spain is an early final. For German central defender Antonio Rüdiger, it is a special pairing anyway, as he has played for Real Madrid since 2022. “It’s a big and important game, a classic, I’m just looking forward to it,” says the 31-year-old in an exclusive interview. However, Rüdiger doesn’t want to get too emotional about the game in advance: “That won’t happen until the referee blows the whistle.”

In sporting terms, both the German and Spanish teams have impressed so far at this tournament. An assessment that Rüdiger also shares: “For me, the two most stable teams in the tournament so far are facing each other,” says the Berlin native. “I see a game at eye level. We have to be ready for the fight. “

“They take responsibility “

The main focus ahead of Friday’s game in Stuttgart will be on the youngsters of both teams: Jamal Musiala and Florian Wirtz for Germany, Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams for Spain. From Rüdiger’s point of view, it will be important for the German team not to let the counter-attacking strength of the two Spanish wingers come to fruition: “You have to have the courage to go forward, because they are also vulnerable. They press high and you can get through them. But you have to have good possession and be calm in pressure situations. And you can’t make any mistakes,” says the Champions League winner – and adds with regard to Williams and Yamal: “They’re still very young, but they take responsibility. I think that’s great about them. They do what they can do, and that’s one-on-one. “

Both are also characterized by the fact that they are not afraid to make mistakes. “If they lose a ball, they try again. That’s what sets them apart,” says Rüdiger, who recognizes parallels with Musiala: “Jamal is a difference player. As a team, we have to get him to the point where he can be free. “

“100 percent” welcome to Madrid

Rüdiger, however, is not worried that he would no longer be welcome in Madrid after winning the quarter-finals. He is “100 percent” likely to return after his European Championship vacation



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