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Rublev keeps prize money and points after disqualification

Andrei Rublev’s outburst in the semi-finals of the Dubai tennis tournament will not be penalized twice. This has consequences for the world rankings

After his disqualification in the semi-finals of the ATP tournament in Dubai, Russian tennis pro Andrey Rublev can keep his prize money and his world ranking points.

Thanks to this decision by the men’s professional organization ATP, the 26-year-old remains number five in the world rankings. However, he will have a penalty of 36,400 US dollars deducted from his prize money of 157,755 US dollars.

Last Friday, Rublev had shouted directly into the face of a linesman after his opponent Alexander Bublik from Kazakhstan had won the point to take a 6:5 lead in the decisive third set. Rublev had seen the ball out of bounds. Referee Miriam Bley finally disqualified Rublev.

Rublev thanked the ATP for the decision after he had lodged an appeal. The ATP had considered the original penalty in this case to be disproportionate. A person sitting near the linesman had explained to the impartial officials that Rublev had also cursed in Russian. The tennis pro asked that in future no decisions should be made on the court without clear evidence and a review of the video images by the player. However, he also vowed: “I promise that I will learn from this and try to be a better player and person. “



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