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Red Bull: Why the RB20 will be an “evolution” of the current car

Red Bull will rely on the same concept for the RB20 for the 2024 Formula 1 season as for the RB19 – Why the new car will be an “evolution” and not a revolution

The Red Bull RB19 is the measure of all things in the 2023 Formula 1 season. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have together won 19 of the 20 races so far this season, with Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz only interrupting this winning streak once in Singapore

This begs the question: How can you make such a good car even better? This is exactly the challenge Red Bull is facing for the upcoming 2024 season. Chief Engineer Paul Monaghan explains that the new RB20 will be an “evolution” of the current car.

“It would be a bit foolish to throw this concept overboard. But at the same time, we have to make progress,” Monaghan clarifies. It would be “wrong” not to look for improvements “because our opponents are getting a bit closer,” he emphasizes.

“If they make a step, then we’d better make a bigger step,” says Monaghan. After all, Red Bull has now won five races in a row following the defeat in Singapore. But the lead seems to have melted away over the course of the year

Horner warns: It will be “tighter” at the top

This is reflected in the fact that Red Bull has already clinched six one-two victories this year, the last of which was in Monza at the beginning of September. McLaren driver Oscar Piastri also won the sprint race in Qatar in October.

The lead over the competition is therefore no longer as striking as it was at the start of the season, which is why Monaghan emphasizes that more “lap time” needs to be found for 2024. Team Principal Christian Horner agrees, who also speaks of an evolution of the RB19 in the RB20.

“It will get tighter, and that will certainly challenge us more,” says the team boss, who emphasizes that Red Bull has “a great car” and “a great basis” with the RB19. At the same time, however, huge leaps in further development are no longer possible.

“Because you hit the upper part of the [development] curve,” explains Horner, addressing the “problem” mentioned above: because the RB19 itself is already such a fast car, it will be difficult to make the successor even better.

Monaghan: limited development options

Monaghan points out that the current Formula 1 regulations are quite restrictive compared to previous years. In the past, “a bit more” could be done in terms of development than today. This makes Red Bull’s task even more difficult this winter.

“Many world championships are won in the wind tunnel at this time of year,” says Horner, who also makes it clear with regard to the current figures in the wind tunnel and the like: “It’s always difficult to read too much into these things. “

Nevertheless, Red Bull seems optimistic that it will be able to step up its game again for 2024. “The team is very, very motivated. You can see that nobody has slowed down since we won the championship. Everyone is still fully committed,” emphasizes Horner.

And Monaghan adds: “We can take a lot of the experience and advantages of the current car [for 2024]. Next year in Bahrain, we’ll see if we’ve worked well enough. “



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