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Player pictures mixed up: Next showdown glitch in FC 24

There is also a showdown map for the La Liga FC Pro final in FUT from EA SPORTS FC 24. Here, too, the developer or publisher made a mistake

The first die is cast – both on the digital and the real pitch. This weekend, the Grand Final will not only take place in the Virtual Bundesliga, but titles will also be awarded in eSerie A and La Liga FC Pro.

As with the final of the German individual championship, EA SPORTS has taken up the theme in Football Ultimate Team (FUT) from FC 24. There are also two special showdown cards for the Spanish competition, which can be completed via the Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

Sevilla vs. Almeria in the La Liga FC Pro

Here, Sevilla FC’s Lucas Ocampos and UD Almeria’s Lucas Robertone face off in the first round match of La Liga FC Pro. This is where Nicolas Villalba meets David Sanchez. The principle behind the showdown cards is quite simple: If you think Villalba will prevail in this match, close Ocampos. If you think Sanchez will triumph, you add Robertone to your team. If the tip works, the item gets an upgrade.

So far so good, but there is a catch for fans of the respective professional footballer. EA SPORTS has once again made a mistake. This time, the developer and publisher mixed up the player images. So Ocampos is depicted on Robertone’s card – and vice versa.

Second mistake in the series

EA SPORTS already made a mistake with the eSeries A Showdown cards. The descriptions and titles were mixed up. While this mistake has been corrected, there has been no reaction to the latest faux pas. Whether the objects will simply be corrected or will have to be replaced in a more complex way is questionable. At least it seems to be only a cosmetic error.

As described, there was also a special showdown map for the Grand Final of the Virtual Bundesliga. This enters its decisive phase this Sunday – but the question of the upgrade has already been answered. As Roee Feldmann prevailed against Yannic Bederke in the Swiss Round, Sebastian Haller’s item will receive additional points. You can follow all the other VBL decisions in our overview



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