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On-site spectators Formula 1 2024: (Not) a record at Silverstone

How many Formula 1 fans watched Lewis Hamilton’s home win at the Silverstone circuit and where the track ranks internationally

The British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC), which owns the Silverstone Circuit, has planned conservatively for the 2024 British Grand Prix, but can still report a success: 480,000 spectators flocked to the circuit over the entire weekend.

This figure is unparalleled on the Formula 1 calendar: no other Grand Prix is so well attended. However, the 2024 result for Silverstone is not a record. Last year, the organizers also counted 480,000 fans on site. 2024 therefore equaled the record set in 2023.

And this despite the fact that the BRDC had no intention of breaking its own record again. Just a few weeks ago, track manager Stuart Pringle had promised 465,000 to 470,000 spectators – expressly with the wish not to overload the Silverstone racing facility.

This seemed to coincide with the demand for tickets: The event did not appear to sell out in advance sales. However, when McLaren driver Lando Norris and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen collided with each other in the fight for victory at the Austrian Grand Prix, there was a rush for the remaining Silverstone tickets in the days that followed. With the result that Silverstone was full after all.

However, 480,000 spectators does not mean that there really were almost half a million people at Silverstone Circuit. As is usual at major events lasting several days, the number of visitors is counted daily and the total number is calculated by adding up all the individual days. In other words, anyone who comes to the circuit on all three Formula 1 race days is counted three times in the spectator statistics

These statistics speak for Silverstone: It is the clear number one Formula 1 venue ahead of Melbourne (Australia) with 452,000, Austin (USA) with 445,000 and Mexico City with 400,000 on-site fans and has been one of the best-attended events on the Grand Prix calendar for years.

This year’s race provided a special treat for British fans with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton’s ninth home win: Hamilton won a Grand Prix for the first time since Saudi Arabia in 2021 and made an impressive comeback.



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