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Nuytinck about not played Serie A match: ‘Weird situation’

Udinese captain Bram Nuytinck experienced a special preparation for the Serie A match with Salernitana on Tuesday evening. Due to corona cases, the last player of the competition did not consider himself able to play. Because there was no official line through the poster that could not be played, Udinese still stepped onto the field .

The 31-year-old Nuytinck called the incident at Ziggo Sport a strange situation. ‘We received information in advance from our director and trainer, including that Salernitana would not travel. Yet everything had to be official. We had to be at the stadium at a certain time, change clothes and onto the field. While we already knew that they would not come to Udine.’

Nuytinck thought it was unusual that the official course of events was carried out. “I shook hands with the referee in the hallway of the stadium, as I usually do. Now we didn’t have to, but we did it anyway.’ Although Udinese is likely to be awarded a 3-0 win, it is not yet known what will happen to the game.

“We also don’t know whether it will be a win or whether we will still play the game,” Nuytinck concluded. There is a chance that opponent Salernitana will disappear from Serie A next calendar year. The red lantern bearer must officially have a new owner by January 1st to comply with competition regulations.



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