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No more fun: Michael Rinaldi settles accounts with his critics

At the WSBK event in Magny-Cours, Michael Rinaldi appears much more serious than usual: In sporting terms, the Italian recommends himself for another season in the Ducati factory team

Michael Rinaldi irritated at the start of the WSBK weekend in Magny-Cours with his statements and hinted that his time in the Ducati factory team could be coming to an end. Rinaldi appeared very serious and provided the explanation on Friday why he was behaving in this way. From a sporting point of view, things went well for Rinaldi in France. In the second race he was ahead for a while and celebrated his best result of the season with second place.

Rinaldi was very emotional after the second race. Tears flowed in the Parc Ferme. “It’s not easy to fill these shoes,” he explained after his relieving second place, addressing his critics: “It’s clearly easier to stay at home and judge others instead of showing your potential here.”

“If for some reason the results don’t come, then the cause doesn’t matter because everyone thinks it’s excuses. This podium is very important for me. It means a lot to me. It’s very important for my future,” stressed the Italian, who is in his second season as a Ducati factory rider.

Does Michael Rinaldi lack support at Ducati?

After the race, Rinaldi spoke plainly at Parc Ferme: “I want to dedicate this podium to the few people who have always believed in me and also to my crew who have always supported me.””It was a difficult period for me,” Rinaldi admits. “This result really means a lot to me. I enjoyed the duels with Johnny (Jonathan Rea), Axel (Bassani) and with Toprak (Razgatlioglu). It’s my first podium here at Magny-Cours since my time in the Superstock 600 class. I am really really happy. “

Different approach since Barcelona test

At the start of the weekend, Rinaldi looked unusually serious. “It’s been like this since the Barcelona test and it will continue for the rest of my career. I understood that you have to be professional. You can only reveal your true feelings to a few people,” Rinaldi said, explaining his behaviour.

“My goals remain the same, but I want to be more professional. There is a new Michael since the Barcelona test. I will continue to be a good person, but it was time to adjust behaviour when dealing with other people,” he responds to those who have criticised him recently.

With his victories in the World Superbike Championship, Rinaldi made it clear that he can also win at World Championship level. So why the adjustment? “I have already been able to win races, but I have never fought for the championship. You have to be self-critical sometimes to get better. I am not sad. But I want to be focused and motivated. I want to take it more seriously,” he reasons.

Too many negative comments on social media?

With his easy-going manner, Rinaldi delighted many fans in the past. Other riders have also been successful with a laid-back approach. “When you are Valentino Rossi, you can do whatever you want because you are a nine-time world champion. Then people can’t say anything. And I like that. But if you are not a nine-time world champion, then people judge very strongly,” Rinaldi responded to his critics.

“You have to show them that you are professional. If I was a champion, laughing and posting funny things on Instagram, then everyone sees it as fun. But if you don’t win championships and post the same things of yourself, then people judge you differently. That’s why I changed my behaviour,” explains the Ducati rider. “But I am still the same nice guy who is there for his friends and the people from the team,” Rinaldi assures.

Thanks to the good results in France, Rinaldi was able to move up to fourth position in the riders’ standings. It is believed that he will ride for Ducati for another year, as there is simply no better alternative at the moment.



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