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No cutback fix after all? EA SPORTS cuts Title Update 9 for FC 24

The new Title Update 9 for FC 24 focuses on Trivela shots. However, the cutbacks were also initially considered – but the patch notes entry was deleted again. Why? We asked EA SPORTS

Error or retraction? This question is currently hanging over Title Update 9 for EA SPORTS FC 24, which is intended to fix some stability problems as usual, but this time also has a significant impact on the gameplay. The patch focuses on the Trivela shots, which not only lose maximum topspin, but also accuracy. The effectiveness of shots from outside the sixteen is therefore reduced – even if a player has the corresponding PlayStyle or PlayStyle+.

Having found the perfect angle and hit the green time finish, the Trivela shots often land on target. For non-competitive FC-24 players in particular, this is a means against a compact five-man chain of the opponent. Cutbacks are another very successful way of scoring goals. This involves running towards the baseline with the player in possession of the ball and then simply passing into the middle. In most cases, one player is free to finish.

EA SPORTS would not comment further on this

Apparently EA SPORTS also wanted to tweak this. As screenshots on various social media show, there was another version of the gameplay changes in the developer’s patch notes on Trello. It said: “Improved positional play of AI teammates and improved man-to-man decisions in cutback scenarios.” However, this entry was removed only a short time after publication

At the request of eSport, the publisher of FC 24 explicitly did not want to comment further. It therefore remains unclear what is behind this and whether the planned adjustment will be scrapped altogether or implemented in the next patch or even in Title Update 9 for the next-gen consoles. After all, the update will only be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the time being. A release is planned for other platforms “in the near future.”



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