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Next boxing announcement to Fury

Mahmoud Charr asks Tyson Fury to fight and sends a bold announcement to world champion straight after.

Professional boxer Mahmoud Charr believes in a quick win against world champion Tyson Fury.

“The chance is very big. Andy Warhol said: ‘Every man has 15 minutes in his life to become world famous. This is my 15 minutes. In four rounds I will knock out Tyson Fury”,

On Monday, Charr’s management had announced the world title fight against Fury for December 3 after the British heavyweight champion withdrew his fight offer to former title-holder Anthony Joshua in a social media video. The duel for the WBC version of the world title belt is to take place, the Charr side said, “in Manchester or Cardiff”.

Charr: “I’ll sign right away “

Charr was full of praise for Fury, who is still undefeated in 33 fights. The giant of 2.06 metres was “ambitious, tall and incredibly fast for his size”, said Charr, who, referring to Fury’s three fights against the US-American Deontay Wilder, remarked: “He has fallen to the ground a lot in the last few fights. You know his chin is very weak.”

Fury had offered Joshua the fight after Alexander Usyk (WBA, WBO and IBF champion) stressed he did not want to fight again in 2022. Joshua’s management had announced an agreement in mid-September, but a contract had not yet been signed, according to Fury. He gave Joshua until last Monday afternoon to do so. The deadline passed.

Charr criticised Joshua’s behaviour. “He didn’t sign that – I can’t understand it. When someone gives me a contract, I sign it immediately. In 24 hours,” he said, continuing, “Either you’re a boxer and take any challenge or you’re an actor. Then go to Hollywood!”

Charr had returned in 2021 after a break from the ring of more than three years, having been crowned regular WBA world champion in 2017 against Russia’s Alexander Ustinov. Since then he has had two fights against Christopher Lovejoy (May 2021) and Nikola Milacic (May 2022), both of which he won.



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