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New record TV contract: almost eight billion euros for the Premier League

The Premier League has been the measure of all things soccer for some time now and is now adding a new crown to this status – with new record revenues

On Monday evening, the Premier League announced the signing of a new TV contract, which will be valid from the 2025/26 season and until the 2028/29 season, via the short message service X, among other things. This will take the English club to new heights, as it will be Europe’s most lucrative TV contract. The 20 Premier League clubs will receive an impressive total of around 7.8 billion euros, or 1.95 billion euros per season. A new figurehead in this segment

England has switched from three to four years

In addition to “Sky Sports” and “TNT Sports”, which have acquired five live broadcast packages, “BBC Sport” has also acquired the highlight packages for all matches on free-to-air TV or streaming. While “Sky” will broadcast 215 live broadcasts on the 38 match days of a season – including more than 140 at weekends and all ten games in the final round – TNT will broadcast 52. On the island, at least 267 of the 380 matches in a season will be shown live on pay TV.

One thing is clear: with this even greater influx of money in the future, the already financially strongest league in European professional soccer is likely to further cement its dominance. By way of comparison, the German Football League (DFL) will collect €1.1 billion per year under its 2021 contract. In the previous rights exploitation period, the German record of €1.16 billion per season flowed to the DFL and its clubs.

The Premier League also generated its additional record income by changing its contract period from three to four years. The TV contract, which runs until summer 2025, has a total volume of €5.5 billion or €1.83 billion per year. Almost eight billion euros will now be generated over the entire four-year period

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive, was quoted as saying of the deal: “We are delighted to announce the new deals with Sky Sports and TNT Sports, which extend our partnership for a further four years and will see more Premier League games broadcast live than ever before from 2025/26. We have already enjoyed record crowds and record attendances in recent years – and we know that even more people will turn to the Premier League in the future.”

Masters is also clear: “This result underlines the strength of the Premier League.” This is all proof that the best soccer in the world continues to be played there.



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