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“More pain than expected”: Joan Mir skips Aragon and also Japan

Suzuki rider Joan Mir has to abandon his comeback at Aragon early – His ankle injury needs more rest, so he will miss Japan as well

After the first day of MotoGP practice in Alcaniz, there were already doubts as to whether Joan Mir would continue his participation in the Aragon Grand Prix. The Suzuki rider was having too many problems with his right ankle, which he had injured in a highsider in the Spielberg race on August 21.

Although Mir went out on track again in the third free practice session on Saturday. But after that, the decision was made to sit out the rest of the weekend. At the same time, Suzuki announced that the Spaniard would also miss the manufacturer’s home race in Japan.

“The diagnosis of an injury to the head of the talus and the ligaments of his right ankle required absolute rest, which appears to have relieved the pain and increased his strength,” it said in a statement. As a result, Mir had been cleared to compete by his own doctors and those at the track.

“He was confident he could ride, but after the first three free practices he noticed a severe lack of mobility and increasing pain.” For his own safety and that of the other riders, Mir had therefore decided to skip this race and the Japan Grand Prix.

Mir: Lack of flexibility and sensitivity

The Spaniard himself, who has already had to take a break at Misano, explains, “I have tried, but there is no point in continuing. I don’t have the flexibility and sensitivity to ride properly. Also, I’m in a bit more pain than expected.”

“I’m disappointed because I thought I could ride without any problems, but after the first two practices I realised that’s not the case. I rested overnight and tried again this morning in the third free practice session, but the problems didn’t get any better. “

“The doctors and physios have advised me to rest and I accept that decision. I am sorry for the team who, as always, did everything they could to help me. The most important thing now is to focus on getting back as soon as possible,” Mir looks ahead.

Suzuki rebuilds rear brake specially for Mir

In fact, Suzuki had specially adapted the rear brake for him, as his crew chief Frankie Carchedi explains, “He was struggling a lot yesterday. So we tried to rebuild the bike overnight so he would feel better and have less pain. That also brought a little improvement. “

“We used a different rear brake and adjusted it to use less force. But after two runs the pain came back and it got harder and harder. That’s when you just have to be sensible,” Carchedi said.

Asked if they had thought about changing to a thumb brake to operate the rear brake, he says: “Part of the problem is that you have so many things on the bike, especially on the left side – devices, electronics etc.”

“You can’t just quickly fit something new there. Everything has its rightful place. And for someone who doesn’t normally use a thumb brake, it would have been difficult to adapt immediately anyway.” It was therefore decided to make the aforementioned changes, he said, albeit without the hoped-for success.

Suppo hopes for return of Mir in Thailand

Suzuki team manager Livio Suppo knows how eager Mir had been for his comeback at Aragon. “Of course we are very sorry for Joan and we know he was really looking forward to racing here in Spain at a track he loves,” he stressed.

“But safety first, and as the doctors have suggested that he should not take any further strain on the injury to avoid further damage, we obviously support that decision. We hope that after ten more days of physiotherapy he will be able to be back in Thailand and we wish him all the best. “



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