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Missing tennis star apparently escaped

Camila Giorgi was missing for days. There was also no statement from the Italian. Now there are new reports from her home country

The missing tennis player Camila Giorgi is apparently in the USA. According to Italian media reports, the 32-year-old has fled her home country for tax reasons. She is said to have come to the attention of the tax authorities because she had not submitted an income tax return. There are also said to have been irregularities with her family. She is due to appear in court in Vicenza on July 16. It remains unclear whether she will do so.

There has been great concern about Giorgi in recent days. The International Tennis Integrity Agency (Itia) listed her as “retired”, thus announcing the end of her career. However, there was no statement from her, leaving her fans wondering what was going on with the 32-year-old.

Giorgi, who also runs an underwear brand called “Giomila”, has only been outside the top 100 in the world rankings.



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