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Klopp’s IFAB top: Blue card causes great skepticism in England

The IFAB’s plans to introduce a blue card have met with little approval in the Premier League. Jürgen Klopp made it particularly clear what he thinks of time penalties in soccer

The debate about time penalties in soccer has been going on for some time, and they have already been tried out. However, the IFAB is now bringing new momentum to the discussion about a blue card, which could actually be introduced. Minor fouls that prevent a goalscoring opportunity or verbal attacks on referees would be punished with a blue card. Even though a final decision has yet to be made, several Premier League coaches have already expressed their concerns.

Why has the potential rule change met with little approval, particularly in England? The Telegraph reported on Thursday that the English FA is to consider making the FA Cup available voluntarily as an “experimental framework”. “That doesn’t sound like a fantastic idea at first,” said Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp at his press conference before the Burnley game on Saturday, when asked about the introduction of blue cards.

The 56-year-old couldn’t resist a dig at the IFAB: “I can’t actually remember when the last fantastic idea came from these guys – if they ever had one.”

Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino put it more diplomatically, saying it was “difficult” for him to make an assessment. “But I think it will trigger even more discussions and become even more complicated for the referees, players and fans,” said the Argentine, who added: “It’s not a good idea at the moment, but we’ll see what happens when we have the opportunity to see how it works.”

Eddie Howe took a clear position. “To be honest, I’m not a big fan of it, that’s what yellow cards are for,” the 46-year-old Newcastle United head coach clarified: “The system works, but it still needs to be refined. Blue cards would only cause confusion, which is why I’m against them. “

Ex-referee Walton “would have been grateful “

However, there are also supporters. Former Premier League referee Peter Walton (169 appearances), for example, told the BBC: “I think anything that helps a referee officiate a soccer match is good for the game, and the referees are also very conscious of the image of soccer. If I had had the means at my disposal, I would have been grateful for it.”

In his opinion, the “trend towards the introduction of new technologies is currently on the decline” and VAR has produced too many “negative headlines”. There will also be few supporters among the players. In England, they are already reporting possible concerns about Man United captain Bruno Fernandes, who has already been cautioned six times for complaining since the start of the 2022/23 season, including four times in the current season alone. That would be the equivalent of a whole hour he would have to spend on the touchline.



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