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Klopp Klopp cherished love for archrival, Liverpool wasn’t his dream club”.

Liverpool and Manchester United are facing each other this coming Saturday on Anfield and both teams are looking for a victory over the arch-rival.Jürgen Klopp hopes with a victory to take another step towards the top of the Premier League, but the German manager has to hurt his dream club, says Eckhard Krautzun.

The 76-year-old former rehearser was Klopp’s predecessor at Borussia Dortmund and the pensionado remembers well that Klopp once said to him that United would be his dream club in the Premier League:”It was his dream to go to England one day and his favorite club would be United then, he told me,”said Krautzun in conversation with the Set Pie.

The German was a good friend of Sir Alex Ferguson and informed the Scot that Klopp had the ambition to work at United,”I said:” Jürgen Klopp wants to work with his United love when he goes abroad and England,”Ferguson then turned out to be very impressed by Dortmund, Klopp’s team who passed over Bayern München in 2012.

Klopp has already indicated earlier that he spoke with the British superpower about an employment contract at an earlier stage:”We did indeed talk, but not for long.It was a great honour, that conversation.United was interested then, but I couldn’t leave Dortmund.There was no real offer, but if it had come, I wouldn’t have done it.I had to finish my work at Dortmund first.

Who do you think there will be a win next weekend?

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