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IndyCar calendar 2025 presented early with 17 races

The IndyCar Series will stage 17 championship races in the 2025 season between the beginning of March and the end of August – Fox as new TV partner in the USA

The race calendar for the upcoming IndyCar Series season has been finalized much earlier than in previous years, namely in mid-June. There will be 17 races in the 2025 IndyCar season. The tracks are the same as in 2024, although The Thermal Club in Palm Springs (California) will be a championship race for the first time in March 2025. In March 2024, the non-championship All-Star Race was held there

Basically, there are few changes to the 2025 IndyCar calendar compared to 2024. The oval race at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis will move up from August to June. The circuit race at Laguna Seca Raceway, on the other hand, will move from the end of June to the end of July.

Because Palm Springs will be a championship race for the first time on March 23, but there will still be 17 championship races over the course of the season, one will have to be sacrificed: It’s Milwaukee, where there will no longer be a two-race doubleheader in 2025, but a single race on August 24.

The 2025 IndyCar season will kick off on March 2 in St. Petersburg (Florida), one week earlier than in 2024, and the season finale will also take place earlier, on August 31 at Nashville Superspeedway. The current 2024 season will also come to an end on the 1.33-mile oval, but two weeks later in the year (September 15).

The reason why the 17 races on the 2025 IndyCar calendar have been packed into a shorter period of the year is that there will of course be no summer break due to the Olympics in 2025. All races of the 2025 IndyCar season in the USA will no longer be broadcast by NBC, but by the new TV partner Fox.

The 2025 IndyCar calendar:

02.03. St. Petersburg (street circuit)
23.03. Palm Springs (circuit)
13.04. Long Beach (street circuit)
04.05. Birmingham (circuit)
10.05. Indianapolis GP (circuit)
25.05. Indy 500 (oval)
01.06. Detroit (street circuit)
15.06. St. Louis (oval)
22.06. Elkhart Lake (circuit)
06.07. Mid-Ohio (circuit)
12.07. Newton 1 (oval)
13.07. Newton 2 (oval)
20.07. Toronto (street circuit)
27.07. Laguna Seca (circuit)
10.08. Portland (circuit)
24.08. Milwaukee (oval)
31.08. Nashville (oval)



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