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“I’m here to make money”

CM Punk addresses fans for the first time on WWE Monday Night RAW after Survivor Series – mixing warm words with innuendo and provocative announcements.

Wrestling superstar CM Punk has spoken to WWE fans for the first time since his sensational comeback – and turned back the clock.

On the first edition of the Monday Night RAW TV show following his return at Survivor Series, the “prodigal son” grabbed a WWE microphone for the first time in almost 10 years. And delivered a promo that was true to his brand essence.

CM Punk back in WWE: “I’m home “

The acclaimed Punk initially presented himself in a good mood in Nashville: He joked that probably no Chicago Blackhawks fan had ever been cheered so much in the Nashville Predators’ NHL arena – and enjoyed the loud ovation.

Punk also uttered a key phrase that might not have been expected by anyone familiar with his divisive and volatile relationship with WWE. He has “changed”, Punk said, as clichéd as it may sound: “A certain ‘American Dream’ once told me that if you speak from the heart, you can’t tell an untruth: I’m at home. “

Punk, whose marriage to competitor AEW ended as ugly in the summer as the one with WWE in early 2014, alluded to the late role model Dusty Rhodes, the father of Cody Rhodes, with the “American Dream”. Punk then quoted another mentor, the “Wise Man” (Paul Heyman), who once told him: If he wanted everything he could get in WWE, he had to go away and come back.

He hates that the wise man was right, but now he’s here and he’s going to take everything he can get. Punk thanked the fans for their continued support, gave his regards to wife AJ Lee (he was once fired from WWE on his wedding day) and said that everyone at WWE had welcomed him with open arms. Almost everyone

Punk recalls his legendary “Pipe Bomb “

Some people, Punk explained – possibly alluding to World Champion Seth Rollins’ staged tantrum the previous day – were probably afraid of him. Afraid that now that he was back, the bar would be raised again in WWE.

That all their efforts to be the best in the ring, on the mic, even at the commentary desk (Punk quoted his famous “Pipe Bomb” from 2011 here) were no longer just in vain, but would prove to be a clear lie: The best in the world was him – and he was back to prove it.

Punk then dropped the mic to loud chants, but said a provocative final sentence without the microphone: “I’m here to make money, not to make friends,” he said.

The show then came to an end with no hint of Punk’s first post-return feud. The suspense as to what happens next continues.



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