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Holtmann and Co.: Reis expects more initiative

At the start of the training week before the home match against TSG Hoffenheim, Thomas Reis asks his professionals for video analysis. The Bochum coach expects his players to be more willing to improve individually.

Main elements of the manoeuvre critique after the 1:2 in Mönchengladbach:The passivity in the first minutes, furthermore the problems in the transition play and in the goal finish.

Among other things, it’s about the sleepiness in the opening phase, “in the first six or seven minutes,” said Reis, “there were already six corner kicks for Borussia. For whatever reason, away from home we are not as stable and alert as at home.”

Recently, there was not enough time to go into detail about the deficits because of the three outings in the English week. On Tuesday, Reis took the opportunity to clearly address the grievances, even if he was not dissatisfied with the team’s overall performance.

For him, at any rate, the assessment held true even two days after the game: of course Borussia had the greater individual quality. “Nevertheless,” said Reis, “there was more in it for us.”

To ensure that the return is more frequent, Reis takes his players to task. Among other things, the ex-professional expected his boys to do more on their own to improve individually. For example, with extra shifts after training and more intensive work on their own weaknesses.

This applies, for example, to the quick-as-an-arrow Gerrit Holtmann, who causes a lot of confusion for the opponents with his outstanding speed alone, but who also attracts attention time and again because he takes a good pass badly and thus misses good opportunities to finish.

Tesche still not an issue – Bockhorn back in training

Shifting and finishing, making the right decisions in crucial situations, that is also an important topic for Reis when looking ahead to the next few weeks. But despite all the criticism of his team, he also wants to acknowledge the positive aspects.

With ten points from the first ten matches, the promoted team is well within the range that could ultimately lead to staying in the league. “With the exception of Munich,” says the coach, “we haven’t lost a game. Realistically speaking, we could have scored two or three points more. “

The Bochum squad could change slightly on Saturday against Hoffenheim. Herbert Bockhorn rejoins training on Tuesday. Depending on how the all-rounder copes with the strain, he could be part of the matchday squad against Hoffenheim. Robert Tesche, on the other hand, who has been plagued by muscular complaints, is still not an option.



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